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About us

Risheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Is a set of plating, oxidation of environmental protection equipment professional planning, design, manufacturing and installation, automatic intelligent environmental protection. We mainly produce: ABS + PC plastic automotive distribution plating production, zinc-zinc-nickel alloy automotive parts plating production line, cylinder hard production line, automotive parts anodizing production line, mobile phone notebook and other electronic products anodizing production line, waste gas treatment equipment manufacturing.

OursElectroplating automatic intelligent production line and Surface treatment equipment¡¢Waste treatment equipment,At present, it is at the leading level in China. Breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation: We spare no effort to study and create efficient intelligent environmental protection of practical products leading industry pioneers.

Our company has its own unique corporate philosophy.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit.
We are committed to the development and development of environmental protection equipment.
Taiwan's top technology -- acid and alkali forerunner

Service case

Our company has served major manufacturers all over the country, with a large number of customer groups and needs, to provide and solve all kinds of related information and problems for customers, from ordering, manufacturing, transportation, installation, use of one-step customer service, so that customers truly experience a full set of one-stop service.